Dailey Data Group, LLC

At Dailey Data Group LLC, we help you design and analyze your data from start to finish.

Our conversation starts with a question: "What is the problem you are trying to solve?" We work together to carefully define your problem, to understand what your existing data can tell you, and to create data-collection and data-analysis processes to find a solution. We can assist in the creation of software solutions if needed. We work with your timetable, with the information available to you, and within your budget.

Your initial 45-minute consultation is free of charge. Let us help you understand more about your problem, and how we might be able to discover a solution you can use to move forward.

David Dailey, Statistician

David excels at extracting essential information from complex topics and communicating results to customers.

David has also provided consulting services for clients outside the testing industry. For one school district, David served on a committee tasked with re-drawing attendance boundaries after some schools were closed. He developed a process that allowed each of the 20-plus members of the committee to explore their own ideas about the new boundaries, and created maps based on each committee member's ideas. The committee used these visualizations to quickly identify the areas of the district that required the most discussion for a successful outcome.

"My job is to help you understand how the data analysis works, and to deliver the tools you need to apply the analysis to new data."